Introducing Our AW18 Heritage Collection

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It’s been a while since my last post on The Journal due to the big move, keeping up with orders and general goings on with S&B. But I’m here, and super excited to share my new range with you.

I’ve been hinting at the new collection for a few months now, and have opted for a soft launch, rather than a more formal all-in-one launch. This was partly due to my excitement with certain pieces and not being able to keep them under wraps for too long, and partly because I liked that organic flow of slowly trickling new products into the shop and seeing how they’d fare. Although, that being said I am partial to a big and exciting launch! 

Enter in our Heritage Collection - a fresh take on luxury English countryside design and a mix of vintage Indian block print inspired by my heritage. Having become obsessed with interiors in the last year due to our home renovations, I was drawn toward classic English country interiors: with their mix of patterns and textures, and the warmth they exuded. Couple that warmth with the intricate patterns and colours of Indian block print, and I felt I had a winning combination. 

As an artist and designer, it can become all too easy to stay within your comfort zone when your products are selling well. Because isn’t that what it’s all about, creating what your audience wants? I, however, felt very closed in with the amount I could deviate from the types of designs I was creating. People expect pink and a fair bit of gold foil. It’s not even that it’s what is expected, but it’s the fact that it has become an extremely popular trend (especially on Instagram), and frankly put, it sells.  

I feel like I could write an entire post on trends themselves, but for me, it’s all come done to creating pieces that are timeless. Maybe it’s because I turned 30 last week and have a new found appreciation for Thonet chairs, or maybe my tastes have just evolved. I started Sonni & Blush over 3 years ago with a desire to create beautiful stationery, and I’d like to think that the brand has evolved with me.  

So that was a very long-winded introduction to the new Heritage Collection! I’ve included some shots of my favourite pieces below and I would love to hear what you think!



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