Finding Inspiration And Settling On Your Style




The Journal was created with the intention to share more behind-the-scenes action here at Sonni & Blush HQ, lifestyle related posts and small business insights that I’ve learned throughout the (almost) 3 years of being at this. 


So here it goes!


One of the stationery business-related questions I get asked the most, through Instagram DMs and email, is how to find and settle on your creative style when creating ranges of greeting cards and art prints.


As cliche as it sounds, inspiration for new ranges can come from anywhere. Personally, I try not to look for inspiration within the stationery world (although I did make this mistake in my early days!). I love looking to trends in the fashion industry, architecture, travel, astrology, the wellness field and nature for inspiration and light-bulb moments.


For our new greeting card range, I was hugely inspired by astrology, constellations and general “good vibes”. Being someone who is huge on positive thinking, loves meditation and yoga, it was a natural progression for that aspect of myself to show up in my work. It’s also great that astrology is a huge trend in a lot of industries at the moment, which might be something that you would want to consider before launching a new range.


When it comes to settling on a particular style for your stationery brand, I would say that it depends on you and your business. There are some stationery brands that use the same fonts, colours etc. throughout their entire ranges, and have been doing so for years and are very successful. There are others that change it up and are also equally as successful. 


I think the most important thing when you’re starting out with your new stationery business is not to get too overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing. It’s really easy to get sucked into the ceaseless scrolling of Instagram and consequent comparison of yourself (and your business) to someone else, but really limit the amount of time you spend looking at what other people in your industry are doing. 


“Nobody is you and that is your power.”


To everyone that has sent in messages, I hope this has helped! This is my first “real” post and something that is kind of out of my comfort zone, but I’m super excited to continue to share more about myself and the inner workings of Sonni & Blush in the coming weeks and months!




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