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Our Story

Beautiful design meets social consciousness.


Sonni & Blush is a design and lifestyle brand that was created in the summer of 2015 by designer and founder, Sonni Sahota. 


We have a strong desire to create both beautiful pieces for your home and make an impact in the world. To reflect our desire for positive change, we donate 10% of all proceeds from our product sales to help young girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone get access to education. This cause is very close to our hearts, and we know that with your help, we can truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of girls in these developing countries.


9 out of 10 girls in Uganda never get to high school and less than 25% finish primary school. A girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to go to high school. The sad truth is that these girls are prevented from going to school, simply for being born girls. Allowing these young girls access to education has the potential to change everything.


Because we are a paper-based business, we are also very conscious of our environmental impact. As of April 2017, 90% of our products are made with 100% recycled paper and we're working hard to make sure all of our products are made with recycled paper by August 2017. We want to do our part in maintaining this beautiful planet, yet still be able to provide you with high-quality, beautiful designs for your home.